Monday, January 4, 2010


Hello there and i welcome myself back to my bloggg. i sure havent been updating it with posts, not that i have a billion followers anyways. lol anways winter has been amaazing! i am enjoying the seasons this year although my town usually has one season. summer and fall. no snow. no rain. no anything. hah. so its been fun with the coats and gloves and hats!
I wish it was winter longer. so i could wear my pea coat and scarves more often :)
and not just for looks but to actually KEEP WARM rather than keep cool (:

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  1. "Putting an outfit together is like creating a beautiful photograph. Decide what you are trying to communicate, then position the elements to accentuate your message, then remove any distractions. All that remains will be the important things."
    Fotodoktor, "Elements of Creativity"